Here’s all you need to know about us so you can choose which school is right for you.

Here at Continental, we take pride in every student that walks through our doors. We have been providing students with a quality cosmetology education since 1973. We are a 3rd generation, family run business who for the past 45 years has been a staple of the community. Being independently owned and not franchised allows us to change our curriculum as fast as the trends come and go in the industry! 

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Here are some other things we feel makes us special:

We start you out slow, learning only the foundation during the first six weeks. From there you go into a core class of Cutting or Color, both of which are 15 weeks long. Perming, Esthetics, Advanced Cutting, as well as State board prep are all their own classes at Continental. 

Small class sizes are what were all about! We feel that smaller class sizes allow the students more one on one time with their instructor. We never take more than 16 per class, and our average class size is between 8-12. Having smaller classes allow us to speed up or slow down the class if needed. 

Being a smaller school allows our teachers to follow your progress throughout your entire program.  Our teachers become personally invested in you, and want to see you graduate and succeed!

All Faculty and Staff at Continental have an open door policy. We want to be there to help you with any problems you may have. Our ultimate goal is to see our students thrive and achieve their goals.