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Availability of Employees for Information Dissemination Purposes

Requests for information by students about the university should be directed to Ms. Alida Charbonneau, PO Box 370, Hudson NH 03051. (603-889-1614). other employees, such as admissions and financial aid counselors, may also provide information regarding their specific areas of responsibility.  If a student needs a paper copy of any of the information they can contact the office of admissions or financial aid at the Academie. The contact information is as follows:

Business Operations- Alida Charbonneau – (603-889-1614 Xt 7000)

Bursar- Bobbie Weston- (603-889-1614 xt 1000)

Admissions- Amy Wojtkun- (603-889-1614 xt 3000)

Financial Aid- Ashley Coleman- (603-889-1614 xt 5000)