Programs Available – Cosmetology

Continental’s comprehensive Cosmetology course will give you the foundation you need to succeed!


March 13th
 May 8th
July 10th
September 11th
 November 13th



We have two convenient class schedules to help you fit your hectic life:

The 11 Month Program – Tuesday to Saturday 9 am 4:15pm

This is also known as “Full Time”


Pro’s of Full time

  • You finish your schooling in as little as 11 months!
  • Time working on actual clients is more mixed throughout your schooling instead of toward end.

Con’s of Full time

  • If you miss time, you miss more because you are here for more of the day.
  • It’s harder to keep a part time job if you need to work while in school.


The 15 Month Program – Tuesday to Saturday 9 am-2:30 pm

Even though you are here less time, both programs are still considered Full Time by the Department of Education, and are both eligible for the same amount of financial aid.


Pro’s of 15 Month Program

  • For the student that has to work while in school, it is much easier to keep a job that still gives you a decent sized paycheck.
  • If you struggle with homework and test taking, the shortened day will allow you more study and practice time in the long run (since you are here longer.)

Con’s of 15 Month Program

  • Your program is set up where you get your classes done first, and then clinic time is after that. This means the bulk of your clinic practice time won’t come until at least your halfway mark.
  • It takes 4 months longer to complete than then full time program.
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