How much does the whole tuition cost?

The whole Tuition is  $20,974 starting in September 2017

Are there any fees that aren’t included in the tuition price?

Yes. The first is a $25 check that needs to be made out to the “State of NH” for your apprentice license application. The second is the required uniform which consists of three tee shirts, a customizable tricot jacket, and an apron totaling $115.00. Visit RedBrick Clothing’s website to view our awesome uniform!

Do you have Federal Financial Aid available at your school?

Yes. We have been Nationally accredited since 1976 and are able to receive Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, and PLUS loans on a students behalf for those who qualify.

How do I apply for Federal Aid?

The first thing you would need to do is fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (also known as the FAFSA). If you need assistance filling out the FAFSA, please email us at financialaid@continentalacademie.com.

How long will the whole program take to complete?

It really depends on which program you decide to do.  One is 9am to 4:15 pm and take 11 months to complete. One is 9am to 2:30pm and takes 15 months to complete. Click here to see pro’s and cons of each schedule.

Do you help me find a job in a Salon?

Absolutely! We urge you to research  places you would like to work as soon as you start your program. Our Professional Development class has brought the tools needed to ace an interview to you! You will learn how to write a resume, build your portfolio of your work, and how to conduct yourself during your interview.

I took Cosmetology in High School, can I transfer those hours to your program?

Continental has an agreement with the Pinkerton High School, and  Nashua High School North Programs to transfer up to 200 of your hours. These hours HAVE to be tested into. If you pass the tests, you get the hours. Not only will you receive hours, Continental will award you a scholarship of up to $1,600 for transferring your hours to us.

How do you prepare me for the State Board Exam I need to take to get my license?

Prior to your graduation, you are given a Mock State Board Review and Test. This is a 2 day class that will give you everything you will need to pass the test. Not only do we give you the information, you also go through the entire test from start to finish.

Will I get to work on real clients?

Most Definitely! Our Salon is open to the public from 9 am to 4:15pm  (and till 8pm on Thursdays) without out any interruption. With our salon being open to the public the entire day, it will allow you to practice more complicated and lengthy procedures like foiling and perming. We have been in the same location for over 30 years, and have established a very solid client base for you to practice on.

What happens if I miss time? Will i still graduate when I'm supposed to?

We are a clock hour program, so your graduation date rely’s solely on your attendance. You need to be in attendance for 1,550 hours before you can receive your Continental Academie diploma. So if you take time off you will have to make it up.

Are there any charges for missing time?

It depends on how much time you miss. All students are given a date they need to be out of school by. This is called your contract date. This contract date has about two weeks of a “cushion” to allow for sickness and absences where you can still graduate by that date.  If you take more than the allotted time off and go past your contract date, you will be charged $16 an hour for every hour after that date.  So come to school! Don’t be late and don’t leave early!!