Incentive for Success Scholarship

This scholarship is available to ANY STUDENT.

You will automatically qualify for this scholarship if you are able to keep:

                 »  a 95% average for your attendance rate

                           »  a 95% average for your written grade average &

                            »  a 95% average for your practical grade average

That’s it. Seriously. No application to fill out. No essay to write. 

Total: $1,000

High School Transfer Scholarship

This scholarship is for any student who completed a two year Cosmetology program at  an area high school (like Nashua North, Salem, Pinkerton Academy, ect.).

We will give you 200 hours as well as a tuition reduction for starting your cosmetology training in a two year high school program! This scholarship will allow you to finish our program in less time and for less money!

Transferred hours and tuition reduction are applied during the 2nd Academic year. Financial aid eligibility for that year will be reduced.

Total: $1,600 + Transfer 200 hours

Total Scholarships Available: $2,600